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If you’re not managing pressure, then you are losing money !!

It’s a proven fact that virtually No one performs better under pressure...
...Not even sports stars and top CEO's!

Everyone makes bad decisions when under pressure and stress, and you can increase your profits by handling these pressures in a more effective manner. Now we have a scientifically proven solution that will positively impact your bottom line. Learn simple yet effective techniques that produce naturally occurring hormones that counter the effects of excessive Pressure. These skills that can be harnessed like any other business skill, and they don’t take up any extra time in your day!

Our clients confirm real improvements in their employees ability to make better decisions, less errors and a more positive attitude, and that brings with it an improvement in productivity and bottom line results.

“Gary and Michelle’s presentation was one of the best we’ve ever had and contributed hugely to a wonderful conference. Afterward they created a program for our staff to utilize the principles daily in our office so that all the staff could perform more effectively under pressure. If you are a CEO who focuses on both bottom line results and happier staff, then I highly recommend them for your company as well”.

Michael Daszkal, Co-founder and Managing PartnerDaszkal Bolton Accounting Firm, Florida, USA

“Gary and Michelle gave one of the most inspirational talks on Pressure and Stress that I’ve ever heard and as a Professor of Medicine, I strongly recommend listening to and following their 5 GREAT principles. These principles, which are based on well documented medical science, will help your body deal naturally with the pressures and stresses of business and life, and will bring improved quality of living for the individual and their family.

Their NEW approach of performing simple activities such as Reframing, good choice of words and Gratitude help create naturally occurring hormones that enable you to manage pressure and turn it to your advantage. This latest thinking is so exciting and offers a groundbreaking method to combat the damage that excessive Stress and Pressure are doing to everyone.

I highly recommend these two outstanding people to present their scientifically based 5 GREAT principles in a positive and inspirational manner”.

Robert Jacobson MD, FACP, Affiliate ProfessorCharles B. Schmidt School of Medicine, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida


As Celebrity speakers and experts on pressure, Gary and Michelle’s keynote around their 5 GREAT Principles inspires audiences to greater success when under pressure. These principles are easy to implement and represent a new and exciting approach to increasing productivity and profits.

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GREAT Program

These Workshops provide the techniques on how to implement each of the 5 GREAT principles – They are not new concepts, but the use of them involves leading edge scientific research on the release of positive hormones in our bodies, leading to more productivity, making you more money!

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    Don't Take Our Word for It

    I highly recommend Gary and Michelle for any association or company’s trainings or events. They are both excellent keynote speakers with amazing backgrounds and they connect with any audience. Most importantly, the wisdom they share impacts the audience with lasting change that will benefit your company or association long-term.

    Mace Horoff, PresidentImmediate Past-President Florida Speakers Association

    I first met Michelle and Gary when they presented at our annual Vistage CEO retreat.  They were a unanimous hit with our group, and I enjoyed their presentation so much that I asked them to workshop at my Company’s annual retreat for all employees. They share personal stories from their experiences as international celebrities and discuss the science behind stress, while presenting their 5 principles of success under pressure.

    Bradley Whitchurch, CEOChairman, Seal Shield International

    Michelle and Gary are a stress relieving treat!  They are an enthusiastic team that passionately delivers the bottom line stress relieving techniques we need in a down to earth way.  I’m so grateful to have met them – they have made a significant difference in both my professional and personal life!

    Dr. Virginia Crist, LMFTLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist Certified Sex Therapist

    Former Manchester United keeper, Gary Bailey

    Gary Bailey understands pressure – he spent 10 years playing for the biggest sports franchise in the world, Manchester United, and also represented England in the World Cup. He’s been a TV presenter for the last 25 years and is currently working for BeIN TV in Miami. Inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame 2010 (SA). Bsc, MBA Henley Oxford.

    Miss Universe,1992 Michelle McLean-Bailey

    Michelle McLean won the most coveted beauty title in the world, Miss Universe, at 19 years. In her year she travelled to two countries a week and attended five functions a day. The pressure continued when she became a TV host, at the same time ran three companies and one of Southern Africa’s largest non-profits, the Michelle McLean Children Trust.






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